To be brutally honest – why should any of us waste time over the minutiae of 
this case? It’s all about “billable hours” … and if anything changes before the 
trial, usually it’s less likely to favor the plaintiff. 


The going rate for top corporate law firms is over $1000 per hour. (Forbes says 
its over $1500 !). The only winners, as in most lawsuits, will be the 
attorneys. Think of each of these filings as a new Mercedes.


Rossi and IH are both bleeding and in death throes … neither will survive, but 
sadly, the biggest loser of all is the LENR community. What we need to get out 
of this funk is any kind of valid scientific breakthrough, even a modest one, 
so we can forget Rossigate and move on.


From: Jed Rothwell 


Peter Gluck <> wrote:


you can now prove that you have good sources of information;

can you please explain Item 49 from the Miami Court pacermaker

explaining us what has Cherokee et al withdrawn and especially WHY?


I know nothing about laws or lawsuits, and I have not read this document. You 
should ask a lawyer. Perhaps Jones Beene can enlighten us.



Is this an "elastic" withdrawal?


If it is "without prejudice" that means it can be re-introduced. See:


- Jed



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