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Rossi might lie all the time, but if that lie is not material in meeting
> the legal requirements of the licence, then whatever Rossi might say is
> immaterial.

There is no excess heat. The legal requirements of the license are not met
for that reason. Also because Rossi did not teach I.H. his intellectual
property. In that sense you right; it is not Rossi's words that matter, it
is the fact that his machine does not work.

Rossi claims that the ERV report is correct, and therefore I.H. owes him
the $89 million. The report is wrong. The conclusions are wrong. It is true
that what Rossi says does not matter, but that is because any scientist or
engineer will testify that what he says violates the conservation of
energy, and because there are no magic endothermic effects. If Rossi could
prove there is an magic endothermic effect after all, his words would make
a huge difference. He would win a Nobel prize for discovering the magic
endothermic effect.

What he says is immaterial only because it is nonsense.

- Jed

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