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> This brings to mind a local company (SF Bay) with an add-on product for
solar cells which they claim increases the power and efficiency. The
technology uses a pyroelectric coating for the cells and a feedback
> The company is UltraSolar.

Is there a better description of their tech?  Say, a patent app?  'Cuz I
don't get the impression that they do anything to the solar cell itself.
>From the FAQ:

*Is the Pyroelectric coating on the panel directly?*

*No, the Pyroelectric glass and coating reside inside the sealed Ultrasolar
QuantunBoost™ device. There are no user serviceable parts in the device
that need to be accessed by the user or field technician.*

*How does Pyroelectric help increase the power of a solar cell?*

*We create electric field from a coating of pyroelectric material on glass.
The field is applied on the solar cell using the electrodes of the solar
cell. The applied electric field removes electrons and holes from traps and
accelerates them towards the electrodes. This increases the current
resulting in increase of DC power from the panel.*

So, er, has anyone tried substituting a battery for the solar cells?  After
all, as Monty Python says, "Every electron is special."  So the origin
should not matter.  (It was 'electron', right?)

Okay, I'll stop.  Bollocks!

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