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The solar bid in Abu Dhabi is not just the cheapest solar power contract
ever signed – it’s the cheapest contract for electricity ever signed,
anywhere on planet earth, using any technology.

It is 2.42 cents/kwh. Anyway, obviously, one reason it is cheap is because
they have lots of sunlight at Abu Dubai. This is like building a
hydroelectric dam in Niagara, NY. I am not criticizing! This is exactly the
right way to implement a new technology. Look for low hanging fruit. Use
the technology in the places and situations where it works best, and gives
you the best return on investment. You gain experience, make a profit,
lower the price, expand the market, and eventually move into less promising
markets such as solar PV in Chicago. Or Nome, AK.

This is why I have no objection to Tesla automobiles targeted to the luxury
market. The company is not yet contributing measurably to reducing gasoline
consumption, but it is building up experience and establishing a base of
technology that might eventually have a huge impact. Letting wealthy people
pay for this development is a great idea.

This is described in the book "The Innovator's Dilemma," which I highly

- Jed

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