No, you are not narrow minded. You are mistaken. You think there is
something called LENR+ but it is a figment of your imagination.

You think the Rossi has achieved something, but you are deceived. Deceived
by Rossi and by your own wishful thinking.

Ni-H cold fusion is just as difficult and problematic as Pd-D cold fusion.
It is no closer to commercialization than Pd-D is. It may not even exist;
there are practically no credible experiments with these materials. The
experiments by Parkhomov were probably disproved by the people at U.
Missouri. Rossi's 1-year experiment was an outrageous fraud, as shown by
his own data and by Exhibit 5.

Also, I think Pd may be more practical and more abundant than people
realize. Half of the world supply of Pd is used in automotive catalytic
converters where it comes in contact with high temperature, corrosive gas.
Yet it survives. A large fraction of all of the world's energy is used to
produce in waste heat in automotive engines, so thin-film Pd is already
exposed to this fraction of energy production. Fleischmann estimated that
Pd could produce roughly half the energy we use. I agree. It depends on
whether the Pd is transmuted or otherwise lost.

- Jed

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