Come on, perhaps this catalyst has merit especially if it can be put onto an 
oaky peaty support ;) 


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Rant of the day:

Oak Ridge needs ever increasing levels of public funding, as does MIT and many 
other Labs that are too big for their own good… they will spend vast sums to 
continue with silly projects that are not grounded in economic sensibility. 
This looks like the same kind of fluff that MIT continually puts out, 
especially Nocera and the water-splitting schemes that have wasted enormous 


Other money-pit Labs are catching on to the need for this kind of PR, thanks to 
MIT’s lead. When will the tax payer catch on?


There is little on the planet which is more brain-dead than burning coal and 
then using twice as much energy as the coal has produced to convert the CO2 to 
ethanol. Someone duped an ignorant journalist at Popular Mechanics into the 
“carbon neural” mantra. LOL. PM should keep their lame level of reporting to 
the garage.



From: Jack Cole 


Researchers accidentally turn carbon dioxide into ethanol

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