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Regarding the speculation that the energy to drive the electric output of
the device might come from heat conversion to electron flow:

What component of the MANELAS device cooled down? Was it the magnetic
billet, the air above the billet, or the aluminum container that held the

It may be interesting to localize what component that the phonons were
associated with that fed the heat into this reaction. I suspect that it was
the air above the magnetic billet because a constantly renewing flow of
heat would be required to support a continuous transfer of energy to drive
a constant flow of electrons.

Was the black box that held the magnetic billet air tight?

If the billet was cooling down then the temperature difference between the
billet and the surrounding air would need to be greater than 5C.  I suspect
that the heat must have come from the surrounding air.

Do you have any idea about how heat flow through the device occurred?

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 8:51 PM, Brian Ahern <ahern_br...@msn.com> wrote:

> On September 23, 2012 Arthur Manelas told me he was handing over the
> technology to me to bring it forward. He had a massive aneurizm two days
> later. He never recovered and he died in December 2015.
> In his last two months of vitality he took the device apart and I have the
> components, but no details or drawings.
> It did work miraculously, but I am at a loss as to the rebuilding of the
> circuit.Arthur used fast rising pulses at 137 kHz.
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> What happened to Manelas?  Is he still alive?
> Are you still working with him?
> Has he shared the principles by which he built the device?
> On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 4:26 PM, Brian Ahern <ahern_br...@msn.com> wrote:
>> The billet did not stop making energy. He stopped it to re-build. There
>> was no radiation observed with alpha, beta and gamma detectors.Also we had
>> 3 kinds of neutron detectors reading nothing above background

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