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Scientific research should not be a popularity contest, right?

Perhaps it should not be, but alas, it is. We have to deal with the real
world as it is, not as we might wish it to be. That concept seems somewhat
alien to you.

*Especially* considering the funding circus that the usual 'vested
> interests' have prostituted it into (like much else in life).

I doubt it.

> If I were you people, this development would be almost my least concern at
> the moment.

If people lose all interest in cold fusion, the research will die along
with the few scientists now doing it.

> So what does this say about all those people who've insisted that we stop
> using the term 'cold fusion', because it is 'needlessly provocative'[sic]
> -- and who came up with this 'LENR' euphemism . . .

I know the people who came up with the term LENR. It wasn't intended as a
euphemism but rather as a more scientifically accurate way to describe the
phenomenon. In any case, euphemisms never work. They quickly take on the
negative connotations of the word they replace. That is why people come up
with an endless series of words to describe, for example, privy, WC,
toilet, bathroom, men's room, etc.

- Jed

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