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> Jesus Christ, you bourgeois types... the POINT is to CHANGE the World: a
> concept you people ARE most absolutely unfamiliar with.

I have probably done more to change the world with computers than you have.
Not always in good ways, but I had an impact. If I succeed at promoting
cold fusion and it becomes generally used, I shall play an important role
in changing the world more than Marxism and Capitalism combined.

Plus I expect I know more history than you do, especially the history of
Japan and China.

Anything real will NOT really die. Stop thinking so short-term and personal
> interest.

Many real things have been discovered and then forgotten. Some were
rediscovered, such as Mendelian genetics. There is no doubt that other
discoveries and technologies were lost for good, because we have no idea
how ancient people managed to do some of the things they did. When the
University of Manchester set about recreating a partial scale working copy
of the Newcomen engine, they discovered a great about it that had been

We have no idea how many discoveries, ideas and techniques have been lost
because . . . they are lost. Trying to account for them is like the old
joke about the absent minded professor telling students, "anyone absent
today should please raise your hand."

- Jed

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