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> Che <comandantegri...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Jesus Christ, you bourgeois types... the POINT is to CHANGE the World: a
>> concept you people ARE most absolutely unfamiliar with.
> I have probably done more to change the world with computers than you
> have. Not always in good ways, but I had an impact. If I succeed at
> promoting cold fusion and it becomes generally used, I shall play an
> important role in changing the world more than Marxism and Capitalism
> combined.
> Plus I expect I know more history than you do, especially the history of
> Japan and China.

You'd be a fool to generalize those thoughts. But my whole life I've had to
deal with opinionated middle-class types like you.

> Anything real will NOT really die. Stop thinking so short-term and
>> personal interest.
> Many real things have been discovered and then forgotten. Some were
> rediscovered, such as Mendelian genetics. There is no doubt that other
> discoveries and technologies were lost for good, because we have no idea
> how ancient people managed to do some of the things they did. When the
> University of Manchester set about recreating a partial scale working copy
> of the Newcomen engine, they discovered a great about it that had been
> forgotten.
> We have no idea how many discoveries, ideas and techniques have been lost
> because . . . they are lost. Trying to account for them is like the old
> joke about the absent minded professor telling students, "anyone absent
> today should please raise your hand."
> - Jed

As I said: apologia. In the worst sense of that word.

What's REAL is REAL, fella.

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