Kevin O'Malley <> wrote:

 There was a software package called "cold fusion" which can obscure the
> results as well as the interest.

It turns out this is not an issue with ngram. "ColdFusion" the programming
language is one word with peculiar capitalization, and ngram is case
sensitive. Here is a search for "cold fusion" versus "ColdFusion:"

"ColdFusion" is much more common. Separate searches show that "ColdFusion"
peaks at 0.00011% compared to 0.0000007% for "cold fusion."

To filter out news of "ColdFusion" with Google alerts, use this parameter

cold fusion -coldfusion -"web hosting"

  LENR needs to repackage their name.   Maybe something like Anomalous
> Heating Event.

This would only confuse the issue and make it harder to find old papers. It
makes no difference what you call it.

- Jed

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