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> One of the cool things about cold fusion in a 500 year outlook is that it
> makes for a very ineffective weapon.   Even fire is a more effective weapon.

Oooh... I don't know about that...

You know why potatoes became a crop of choice in Europe?   Because when a
> king's army sieged your castle and burned your crops, there were still
> potatoes in the ground that you could eat and you wouldn't starve to death.
> Why did the Spanish overtake a continent with a few thousand men while the
> Vikings were vanquished 500 years earlier?   Because the Spanish had
> FIREarms.   They had harnessed gunpowder (for evil purposes, albeit).

It was more because they had a more effective level of military and
bureaucratic organization. AND the weapons, of course. However, AND
logistical support which operated at a higher level than any
'pre-Colombian' society could muster.

> In 500 years there will be LENR cars, widespread cheap desalination, and
> Cold Fusion powered spacecraft.

In 500 years -- assuming much -- people will NOT be driving cars of ANY
sort. There will be appropriate levels of mass transportation. If there is
some requirement for a personal vehicle, at some times -- such a vehicle
will be made available, assuredly, for whatever length of time is required.
'Desalination' WILL be a moot point, in a World run on 'holistic',
NON-capitalist methods

But sure. Spacecraft.

And Jed is *still* laffably wrong.

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