The big bang may still hold, if the super heavies were formed early- on, caused 
the expansion early-- on (inflation) with repulsive gravity  and then changed 
to attractive gravity after the initial rapid inflation.

The big bang (BB) will become the standard of BB models,  SOBB.   It may 
require only the addition of a SINGLE constant!

Bob Cook

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There is another assumption connected with these sections and it refers to 
cosmology. It is known that there is a great quantity of "dark" matter in the 
universe, and it cannot be detected by ordinary tools. It is possible that the 
"black holes" we observed are part of this matter. It may be made of the nuclei 
of super heavy elements.
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Such a fact would appear to militate against the 'Young Universe' 'Big Bang' 
theory, wouldn't it..? It would take a LOT of time to build up such a huge mass 
of trans-uranic elements thruout the Kosmos...

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