Dear Vo,

Sorry if this is off topic but I have a question about Muon catalysed

If I understand correctly, basically two factors come into play a) Muon
decay and b) Muon capture by alpha particles from the fusion process. So I
thought this:-

A) A neutron on its own decays after about 15 minutes 1/2 life to a proton
and an electron (and electron neutrino and perhaps gamma). In the nucleus it
doesn't decay by the Pauli exclusion principle, which stops it dropping into
a non-empty proton state (it's surrounded by protons). So, might it be
possible to stop a muon decaying in a lattice somewhat because there is a
free electron gas?

B) If the lattice is then either warm enough or bombarded with UV, magnetic
field (Hall effect) might this stop the muon capture?

My two cents. Who can expand on this?


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