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> Terry—
> Do  you know that the Allais Effect is predicted in some manner by
> Munera”s theory involving the concept of an aether in 3D space, or is you
> comment merely conjecture?
> If not conjecture, what is your basis for the comment about proving an
> aether exists?

Basis?  No basis, merely opportunity.  This August total eclipse ranges
from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast giving most experimentalists
the opportunity to do what they do.  If you read the wikipedia article, you
will see that there are many which still are trying to explain the anomaly.

If you are not an experimentalist, I urge you to seek out the shadow snakes
during the eclipse.  This phenomenon is also known as shadow bands and I
personally had the pleasure of observing them during the eclipse of, what,
1979.  My best friend, standing right next to me missed them.  It was like
a moire pattern of shadow and light that undulated like it was alive.  They
are difficult to photograph but, I think a high frame rate camera might be

So, join me in Pendleton, SC at the Holiday Inn Express with my Kit and my
Pendulum for luciferous aether and shadow snakes and cocktails.  We will
have a jolly time!


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