MFMP has visualized the LENR active polariton activated nano and
miroparticles that are the active agents in the LENR reaction. These
particles that are usually found in LENR reaction ash  are nano and micro
wire that have a cover of surface plasmon polaritons that are activated
into magnon soliton Bose condinsate by the Kerr effect. As MFMP has done,
it is possible using film to characterize these particles in terms of their
mass, energy content,   magnetic field character and  polarity(monopole)
and strength, as well as entanglement,

These particles could be comprised of ultra dense water (water crystals) as
in cavitation

Ultra dense hydrogen (deutrium) and lithium as in the Pd/D reaction

Silver nanowire as in the SunCell

or copper metallic nanowire as in the Proton 21 reaction.


for the highly advanced analysis of Keith Fredericks

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