There are many reasons to be skeptical of Santilli. He does use a variety of neutron detection devices, however. Whatever he is making looks like neutrons.

This press release makes one think that he could have something valid this time.

... but it just a press release for a device not yet in service, but it seems closer to reality than anything he has done before.

Bob Higgins wrote:
The trouble with these type of experiments is that it is extremely difficult to prove that electronic measurement of neutrons is valid in the presence of the "mini-EMP" arc pulses. A much better test for neutrons would be to use the BubbleTech (non-electronic) neutron detectors and show bubbles being produced at a significant rate compared to control periods with the same detectors.

 Jones Beene wrote:

    Of interest:

    A video which purports to show neutrons being created from arcing
    through hydrogen gas

    This seems to fit into the concept of dense hydrogen masquerading
    as a virtual neutron...

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