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> Last I was looking into this, it seemed like there was a scam being
> run on MFMP.   It took all this rigmarole to get the guy to work with
> you on a replication?

The SoundCloud audio clips make it clear that the main issue is the BANKS.
i.e.: the LOANSHARKS this guy was forced to mortgage his property to, or

The *interesting* stuff is the speculation that this apparently _elegant_
use of  sonic pressure involves *cavitation* operating on the
micrometer-size particles inside the slender ceramic tubing between the
electrodes. The video shows impressive heat production involving likely
said tubes.

Why would anyone think this guy is having the World on, as some sort of
scam..? That sort of thinking is AFAIC simply more ritual abuse of Occam's
poor razor. Considering the HUGE amount of work AND resources people put
into these sorts of things, *you* people really should be compelled to
*give them reasonable benefit of the doubt* -- until 'something comes up'
to -- justifiably -- indicate otherwise.

Sheesh. Misanthropists.

> On 7/19/17, Che <comandantegri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > So... what do people think about the ECCO cold fusion project from an
> > Indian team? The MFMP seem impressed by a claimed COP of 8.

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