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> Because if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a
> duck, etc., it's probably a duck.

That's the kind of bullshit, status-quo prevarication we get in Politix all
the time, eh? Shame on you for trying it here. It's not unlike kicking
someone in the head when they're already down: it's too easy, and it's not
fair play. Why are you even here, with an attitude like that..?

Frankly Bub, this thing is NOT quacking like a duck as far as I can see,
based on a few videos and articles. I'm hoping we're actually seeing what
many of us hope we are seeing. HOW these things always end up failing in
the end, is what *I* want to know. The MFMP guy speaks elsewhere of 'dark
forces'... and being the subject of 'dark forces' myself -- I *KNOW* they
really DO exist. So AFAIC: there IS likely a conspiracy to derail ALL cold
fusion research.

And I wonder who'd be behind THAT effort...

For that matter: who burned down Tesla's lab..? I'll give you three
guesses. That's all you'd need.

> http://e-catworld.com/2017/07/14/mfmp-plan-and-proposal-
> regarding-ecco-device/
> On 7/20/17, Che <comandantegri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Why would anyone think this guy is having the World on, as some sort of
> > scam..? That sort of thinking is AFAIC simply more ritual abuse of
> Occam's
> > poor razor. Considering the HUGE amount of work AND resources people put
> > into these sorts of things, *you* people really should be compelled to
> > *give them reasonable benefit of the doubt* -- until 'something comes up'
> > to -- justifiably -- indicate otherwise.
> >
> > Sheesh. Misanthropists.

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