I developed a model of reality.  This model sets the velocity of sound in the 
nucleus to the velocity of light in the atom.  The model produced many known 

1.  The radii of the atoms.
2.  The intensity of spectral emissions.
3.  The fine structure of the atom
4.  Special Relativity
5.  The deBroble wave as a beat note.
6.  The fine structure constant alpha.
7.  and more

This model gave the radius of the proton as 1.36 Fermis.  Jones pointed out 
that this result was wrong.   I could not find what was wrong with the model.   
I later discovered that 1.36 Fermis is the spacing of protons within the 
nucleus.  The unwanted result was correct.  My faith in the model increased.

The model also showed that terahertz vibration reinforced a superconductive 
condensate.  My lectures of 15 years ago stated this result.  It was pointed 
out to me, many times, that thermal vibrations would tear Cooper pairs apart 
and destroy the condensate.  Recent experiments have pointed out that the 
model's result is correct.


The model also shows:

1.  How to induce low level nuclear reactions.
2.  How to reduce inertial mass
3.  How to induce a strong gravitomagnetic field.

These technologies will change the type of our civilization.  Given the track 
record of the other predictions,  How wrong can it be?
No shrunken atoms, zero point energy, or heavy neutron model can do this.

Frank Znidarsic

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