TWO ideas about noble gases and fuel preparation:

  1.  Being inert, they can be used in combination with H or D to diffuse into 
a metallic lattice  and cause mico-cracking   with creation of LENR active 
sites with large internal surface areas for formation of SSP’s.
  2.  Repeated cycling, gassing and degassing,  would allow measurement of 
increased number of mico-cavities until a desired density is established.   
Careful measurement of the volume of gas that diffuses in and out with each 
cycle would be instructive in this regard.  A mass spectrometer to determine 
ratios of the diffusing gases and knowledge of their diffusion rates in the 
fuel should provide additional information regarding the status of micro-cavity 
density in the fuel.

A nano-particle fracture mechanics analysis may be warranted to determine 
desirable pressure and temperatures during cycling/fuel preparation.  
Brittle-ductile transition temperature of the metallic fuel lattice would help 
determine appropriate lower temperatures for cycling, since brittle fractures 
with 1 or 2 dimensional characteristics may be a desirable LENR geometry for 
SSP’s.  Acoustic emission   monitoring of the fuel cycling would aid in 
determination of fracturing occurring during cycling at various temperatures, 
pressures and noble gases being used.  (Cavities that are too big  may be bad 
for LENR+.

Bob Cook
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ECCO shows that the preparation of the LENR fuel is required for a sucessful 
LENR reaction to take hold.

This was true for the Papp engine all the way up to and including the Rossi and 
ME356 reactors.

We have to ask ourselves, what can the preparation of fuel do to enable the 
LENR effect? Something is produced in the fuel that is special. A theory of 
LENR must include a description and the function of the special element in the 
fuel. ECCO uses cavitation to produce this special thing. One of the most 
closely held secret that Rossi has is his method of fuel production. For 
example in the IH/Rossi lawsuit settlement, IH was force to destroy all written 
records about the production of the fuel. In the ME356 reactor test, ME356 
states that this fuel was weak because he did not have enough time to process 
the fuel. So the duel must be a state of matter that contains a LENR sensitive 
factor that takes time to produce and that factor increases over time. The ECCO 
fuel preparation process takes 200 hours to complete. So a cavitation based 
factor must accumulate the LENR factor a little at a time to become LENR 

What can noble gas compounds and cavitation have in common?

Anybody have any ideas?

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