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> TWO ideas about noble gases and fuel preparation:
>    1. Being inert, they can be used in combination with H or D to diffuse
>    into a metallic lattice  and cause mico-cracking   with creation of LENR
>    active sites with large internal surface areas for formation of SSP’s.
>    2. Repeated cycling, gassing and degassing,  would allow measurement
>    of increased number of mico-cavities until a desired density is
>    established.   Careful measurement of the volume of gas that diffuses in
>    and out with each cycle would be instructive in this regard.  A mass
>    spectrometer to determine ratios of the diffusing gases and knowledge of
>    their diffusion rates in the fuel should provide additional information
>    regarding the status of micro-cavity density in the fuel.
> A nano-particle fracture mechanics analysis may be warranted to determine
> desirable pressure and temperatures during cycling/fuel preparation.
> Brittle-ductile transition temperature of the metallic fuel lattice would
> help determine appropriate lower temperatures for cycling, since brittle
> fractures with 1 or 2 dimensional characteristics may be a desirable LENR
> geometry for SSP’s.  Acoustic emission   monitoring of the fuel cycling
> would aid in determination of fracturing occurring during cycling at
> various temperatures, pressures and noble gases being used.  (Cavities that
> are too big  may be bad for LENR+.
> Bob Cook
First it starts with the by-chance, haphazard nano-fracking.
Then follows the sophisticated, calculated, systematic nano-tek

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