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> On average, wind requires about 200 times as much steel and concrete
> structural material as a natural gas turbine plant of the same capacity.
> Factoid: a two-megawatt (faceplate) wind turbine weighs about 250 tons (or
> more), including the tower, nacelle, generator housing and blades, but it
> only works near full capacity about 40% of the time. . . .
The average power year-round is around 30% of nameplate for most land
locations, and 40% at sea.

You are talking about the energy payback time. A wind turbine takes 5 to 8
months to generate enough energy to build another wind turbine. See:

That's about the same as a conventional gas or coal generator plant. It is
much less than a nuclear plant.

The PV energy payback time used to be years, but it has greatly improved in
the last 10 or 20 years.

> It requires about half a ton of coal to make a ton of steel.
A lot of steel is recycled these days, with a much lower energy cost.

-  Jed

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