That long list is a little deceiving. For instance, Rossi has only the single 
granted patent and it is for a heat transfer device. 

That one is US 9115913b1 and it appears not to be cited … which is ironic for 
such a long listing since it is the only document that would  give any legal 

Many of the applications are revisions leading up to the single granted patent, 
which patent experts have said is notable for its cartoon-like, substandard 
drawings. It’s a joke, really.

If offered either an overpriced Café Latte at Starbucks or all of Rossi’s IP – 
go with the coffee. There is a bit of free energy there.

From: Kevin O'Malley

Exhibit 29 is a large list of mostly unpublished patent applications by Rossi. 
The titles might be interesting to some
and probably deserve a dedicated thread.…Ktdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk


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