What do some people see with that LONG, long list of patent applications..?
Why... someone _clearly_ out to make a buck.

Which (reasonably) appears to be Rossi's overarching, main -- and perhaps
only -- goal.

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 1:28 PM, Kevin O'Malley <kevmol...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The Wright brothers were in a similar position for about 5 years after
> they were the first to fly.  Were they scam artists?   They sure as
> hell were accused of being such.   Their only stipulation for
> demonstrating flight was that, once they did so, the observer would be
> buying airplanes from them.   Sounds pretty reasonable today, doesn't
> it?
> But they had no takers until 1908.   Then they did their 2 famous
> demos to people willing to pay and all of a sudden their patents were
> flying through the patent office, the press was favorable, they
> weren't scam artists any more, the whole drill.
> Let's say for purposes of argument that Rossi decides to give a demo
> that answers his critics.   He invites you, Jed, the Amazing Randi,
> and one other known critic to test his black box with your own tools.
>  You just can't open the box.   Would you do it?   Then let's say the
> demo really catches on, Rossi gets as famous as the Wrights.... would
> these patent applications be viewed in the same light as how you are
> presenting them right now?   Nope.   They would sail through the
> patent office with flying colors.
> On 8/10/17, JonesBeene <jone...@pacbell.net> wrote:
> > That long list is a little deceiving. For instance, Rossi has only the
> > single granted patent and it is for a heat transfer device.
> >
> > That one is US 9115913b1 and it appears not to be cited … which is ironic
> > for such a long listing since it is the only document that would  give
> any
> > legal protection.
> >
> > Many of the applications are revisions leading up to the single granted
> > patent, which patent experts have said is notable for its cartoon-like,
> > substandard drawings. It’s a joke, really.
> >
> > If offered either an overpriced Café Latte at Starbucks or all of
> Rossi’s IP
> > – go with the coffee. There is a bit of free energy there.
> >
> >
> >
> > From: Kevin O'Malley
> >
> > Exhibit 29 is a large list of mostly unpublished patent applications by
> > Rossi. The titles might be interesting to some
> > and probably deserve a dedicated thread.
> >
> > https://drive.google.com/drive…Ktdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> >
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