From: Jed Rothwell

I am supposed to get some sample data to go along with this. It is not here yet.

In the mean time …

Many of us may have a wish list and perhaps if enough interest is shown – 
someone may try to replicate this soon. For instance, the inclusion of a 
calibration reactor is fabulous – there can be little doubt of the gain, even 
with air-flow calorimetry. But why not run pure hydrogen against pure 
deuterium, since there is less chance of fouling the D2 side, by using the 
other reactor? 

The results would be most informative since we know that nickel alone does not 
work with deuterium. A natural suspicion is that nickel is taking the place of 
silver (in electrolysis cells where Pd-Ag is used). If excess is seen with 
protium – then perhaps Mizuno can get beyond the idea that this is the same 
kind of reaction as P&F pioneered. Actually glow discharge has been replicated 
many times but without great fanfare – see Naudin’s fine effort:

This experiment may be the start of something very important, if it is 
replicated quickly at the high power level.

The only place now with the funding and talent to pull off a rapid replication 
is the group at Texas Tech

Unless Naudin wants to have another go at it.

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