Axil nailed the major question.

My conclusion about this omission is that open science is NOT in effect as part 
of Mizuno’s NDA with Dewey and others.  TOO BAD.

Jed may know more about this issue!

Bob Cook

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Since the reactor has an observation window, the experimenters should also look 
at the spectrum of the light produced by the reaction. They should look for 
polarization and spectral line splitting as per the stark effect.

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New Mizuno glow discharge paper

Of interest

  1.  Active electrode is tin amount of palladium deposited on nickel mesh – by 
simple RUBBING
  2.  Nickel mesh does not work alone

See appendix A on page 26. These details are easy to overlook.

Speculation – Given that palladium works far better in electrolysis when 
alloyed with silver and given that nickel in this case only works with a thin 
coating of palladium, then an area of improvement (for the fine results already 
presented in the several hundred watt range) would be to coat the nickel mesh 
with both silver and palladium or do the rubbing with the alloy – not the pure 

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