From: Axil Axil

… The thorium blanket would shield and absorb the muons produced by the LENR 
reaction and no radioactive byproducts or fissile material would result.

As I have posted several times recently in light of Holmlid’s claims – it seems 
possible to combine fission and LENR in a subcritical arrangement. The 
challenge is to supply UDH as if it was neutron flux.

The neutron substitute would be UDH, and not muons per se although both would 
be important in the scheme, 

Thorium as a fuel would be possible in this regard, but as of today it is too 
costly and too “light” to compete with U.

Muons tend to be absorbed best by extremely dense metals like Uranium. It 
should be noted that thorium is far less dense than Uranium and because of low 
demand, it is also an order of magnitude more expensive. Proponents say the 
cost will drop with demand, but there is no proof of that and the lower density 
cannot be changed.


U – 18.950  gm/cc
Th – 11.720 gm/cc

Thorium is a heavy metal relatively speaking – in fact it is denser than lead - 
but Uranium is a whopping 62% denser than thorium - and would be better as a 
subcritical fuel for a hybrid reactor - even if the cost were the same.

There is minimal information online about muon stopping power, but the chart 
here that shows a straight line dependence on Z while explaining that it should 
not be straight.

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