Jed Mizuno hints that his new work has even more excess. Do you have any of 
that data?

He implies kilowatt levels with reproducibility. If true, this could break open 
the field as he is a factor of 100 above all other LENR efforts.

nanotexturing a nickel/palladium surface make a great deal of sense and will 
engender large vibrational modes in the deuterium sublattice.

I want to hear about his gas analysis.The helium levels should be 10,000 times 
higher than Melvin Miles' experiments.

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Axil nailed the major question.

My conclusion about this omission is that open science is NOT in effect as part 
of Mizuno’s NDA with Dewey and others.  TOO BAD.

Jed may know more about this issue!

As far as I know you are wrong. There are no restrictions on what Mizuno can 
say. The only limit was the time and effort that went into the paper, which is 
a lot more than you might think.

If you have questions about the paper, I suggest you ask him. You will see how 
open it is. You might want to go through me, because I may translate your 
questions into Japanese, if I think they are difficult to understand.

The graphs in the paper are not the best data from the Appendix A approach. 
That is not closed science or anything like that. There just wasn't time to run 
that data through the mill. Also, Mizuno cannot do these experiments in warm 
weather because he has no air conditioner and he cannot afford to buy one, so 
the calorimetry goes to pieces. That tells you a lot about the funding for cold 

- Jed

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