Brian Ahern <> wrote:

> Jed Mizuno hints that his new work has even more excess. Do you have any
> of that data?
Not yet, but I will report when it comes in.

I now have 3 spreadsheets for some of the figures in the paper. They are
not suitable for publication yet. They are raw data including columns of
zeros from data channels not in use. They have cryptic annotations in
English and Japanese. I will clean them up and have them ready in a few

Everyone will see exactly how he computed the results in the graphs. You
can copy the spreadsheet and make your own graphs.

These spreadsheets are in Excel format. I am thinking of converting them to
a public Google spreadsheet like this one:

You cannot edit it, but I assume you can copy it and edit your version. I
assume the equations also copy. Maybe I should make sure of that.

- Jed

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