It will be a few days before I untangle these 3 spreadsheets and upload
them. I need to be sure I understand what they mean. As I said, they are
raw data with some notations in Japanese and English. I am not going to
change any content, obviously, but I will eliminate columns of zeros from
sensors not in use and things like that. I will define the equation terms.

Here is a preview.

The three are:

BND60513.xls  This is data from Year 2016 Month 5 Day 13. This is an 80 W
excess heat run shown in Fig. 28.

BND60519.xls 2016/5/19 The 120 W excess heat run, also in Fig. 28.

BND60526.xls 2016/5/26, The 248 W heat in Fig. 28.

I need the calibration tests with no heat. I don't think I have them.

The spreadsheet formulas appear to be exactly what you would assume they
should be: the formulas in the paper, converted to a spreadsheet format,
with numeric constants replacing named terms. For example, the speed of air
from the blower is described in the paper as semi-empirical equation 5:

"V = A × exp (-Wb/w) + B,

Where A is a constant, −3.7; B = 4; w = 1.375; Wb is the blower input (W) .
. ."

I guess "semi empirical" means derived from the graph shown in Fig.
17. Anyway, this equation in the spreadsheet comes out:


Cell AA12 is Wb, Watts for the blower. That is to say: Blower volts *
Blower current

A is converted to constant -3.70062. I do not understand what "w" and "B"
are. Until I understand them I would prefer not to upload the sheet.

I am adding notes to the columns explaining what's what, such as:

Equation 4, Air weight/kg

This is described in the paper:

ρ = 3.391×exp(-Tout/201.26) + 0.41529

In the spreadsheet it comes out:


I added a note to the top of the column saying what AP12 and E12 are. Here
is the note:

Blower/m/s * 0.00264 [What is this?] * (3.391[?] * EXP(-((Air out temp) +
273.2 [convert to K]) / 201.26 [?]) + 0.41529 [?])

Cell AP12 is Blower/m/s.

0.00264 is I don't know what. A conversion factor?

3.391 Don't know.

Cell E12 is the Air out temp

273.2 converts to Kelvin

201.26 Don't know

0.41529 Don't know

There is a lot I don't get about both the spreadsheets and the equations in
the paper. But anyway, I can see they are the same. The graphs generated in
the spreadsheets are the same ones you see in the paper. So the formulas in
the paper and in the spreadsheets agree.

- Jed

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