Okay, here is a spreadsheet converted to Google format:


This is: Mizuno, T., Preprint, Observation of excess heat by activated
metal and deuterium gas. J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci., 2017.
MizunoTpreprintob.pdf, p. 19, Fig. 28, 120 W line

Let me know if you can read it. And copy, work with or download it.

This still needs work but I have added some notes, converted the numeric
formats to something more reasonable, and made some other changes. This is
a conversion from the Excel format.

This is a little repetitive and odd-looking because columns A-R are
basically the raw output from the data logger. I think some channels are
NIU (not in use). I marked them.

The graphs did not convert well. I left one graph. This is part of Fig. 28,
p. 19.

I added notes in Row 8 describing what I think the columns represent. I
left some question marks in there for things I do not understand, such as
some of the constants.

Anyway, you can see the actual arithmetic used to generate the graphs.

- Jed

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