That's right, Ruby Carat of ColdFusionNow(.)Org fame has created a brand
new documentary, this time about Dr. Edmund Storms's Hydroton - a model for
Cold Fusion.

Here it is:

HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion describes the nano-gap and hydroton theory
with Dr. Edmund Storms, a nuclear chemist and cold fusion researcher now
retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory .

It picks up where Storms' 2014 book The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear
Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship between Observation and
Explanation left off.

He proposes a unique chain of hydrogen and electrons that would assemble in
the nano-cracks  and nano-spaces of materials, fusing through a slow
resonance process where smaller bits of mass are converted to quanta of
energy through coherent photon emission.

If true, it would describe an extension of the 100-year-old conventional
nuclear theory.

Several of the Nano-gap Hydroton Hypotheses are now being tested for

Dr. Edmund Storms website

HYDROTON animation by Jasen Chambers
Title animation by Augustus Clark and Mike Harris
Music by Esa Ruoho a.k.a. Lackluster
ICCF-18 video by Eli Elliott
Filmed, edited and narrated by Ruby Carat
Our work supports Cold Fusion Now! and Eugene Mallove's Infinite Energy

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