From: Jed Rothwell

Rossi's imaginary company, J.M. Products, has folded its imaginary tent and 
vanished in the night:

I have heard that Rossi is planning to go to Sweden to swindle his next group 
of marks.


Ha! What an artiste. Bravo! This opera is going to be way beyond 3 acts, 
however and the fat lady is nowhere to be seen. 

Almost certainly, there was no legitimate business going on with JM, ever, and 
giving it a fake name that conjured up the history of cold fusion was genius. 
It is amazing these showmen were not held accountable for something - 
especially Rossi’s “lawyer” who facilitated much of the scam and should be held 
to a higher standard. 

We can only hope, in the spirit of Nordic karma, that the so-called scientists 
who oversaw Lugano put their own savings into the next iteration, which is now 
so well-practiced that it may never die. 

Who knows? Maybe we will even get to see the “prequel” in a few years?… Mother 
of Petrodragon? Mills may have been first with the recurring soap opera but AR 
is a quick study and has perfected the genre.

BTW – what is the “Ad Maiora” rumor all about? Supposedly an importer of 
Italian food products which, unlike JM actually did real business. One can 
imagine that you need a real shop if your intent is to channel millions out of 
the US without paying taxes. Or else… maybe Olive Garden just  didn’t cut it 
for the taste of a true Diva. And whatever happened to the IH complaint that 
Rossi did not pay taxes on the big payment he received? 

They should let unleash Dewey and let him tell all, now that the drama is 

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