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Thanks to Frank Acland for eliciting this information.
> http://e-catworld.com/2017/09/04/rossi-first-e-cat-plants-
> under-construction-will-sell-energy-not-plants/

> We learn now that these first plants will sell heat — he won’t be selling
the plants themselves.
> In the near term that could make business sense, as it gives Leonardo a
chance to monitor the performance of these
> first plants closely (essentially they will be prototypes), learn how the
plants perform in real world situations, make
> adjustments as needed, while also preventing outside access to the E-Cat
reactors which is the critical IP — at the
> same time making money from selling heat directly to customers.

Which should have been the simple business plan all along.

And at a most modest scale. This is no doubt [grandiose] 'industrial-scale'
from the get-go.

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