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Unfortunately, Mizuno’s spread sheets regarding calorimetry inform next to
> nothing about the science of LENR.  (DARK SCIENCE IS THE IN THING AROUND

What does that mean? The spreadsheets are the raw data, and they show how
he processes it. You can analyze them and decide for yourself whether he is
doing it correctly. If he is, there is anomalous excess heat.

What else can you expect from these spreadsheets? What more information
could they provide?

When I say these spreadsheets are the raw data, I mean that his Hewlett
Packard data logger records data directly into them, except it is an older
format. You are looking at the raw numbers. There is no other data and
nothing more detailed.

> MFMP is the only light on the scene. and that light .

They have not seen any excess heat. They have made no contribution, and
their results are of no interest to anyone. They have made a brave effort
and worked hard, and I admire them, but they have not achieved anything.

>   Even the Swedish folks seem to have slipped into the darkness with their
> advocacy of open science.

Mizuno is being 100% open! What more do you want from him?

- Jed

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