From: Bob Higgins

Interestingly the magnetic field polarity of the sun goes through massive 
reversal every 11 years.  This would seem to heat the crap out of Mercury.  
Some cycles it would seem that the magnetic field of the sun would add to that 
of the Earth and the next cycle detract from the Earth's field.  Certainly this 
magnetic field dither would cause heating to some extent in the Earth and could 
provide a stimulus for the "mixing up" and "re-formation" of the Earth in its 
own magnetic field reversal…. It is not clear though how the magnetic field 
reversal of the sun every 11 years plays into the 10,000x longer period for the 
Earth's field reversal.  If the sun's own complete field reversal every 11 
years doesn't trip the Earth's field reversal, it is hard to see how a much 
smaller CME event would stimulate a reversal at the Earth….

Well… not exactly. The present Solar cycle began on January 4, 2008, when a 
reversed-polarity sunspot appeared, signaling the arrival of Solar Cycle 24 
(since modern records were started systematically). In principle this would 
mean that in 13 months it will be on schedule to flip again, but…

…the real cycle is not 11 years ! and in fact NASA had predicted the 2008 
reversal to occur as early as 2004. There is that much leeway. The sun could 
flip at any time in the next 3-4 years, even this month.

The main reason for this is that the real cycle is 22 years and the two halves 
of the 22 year cycle are not identical, typically alternating half-cycles show 
alternating higher and lower sunspot counts ("Gnevyshev–Ohl Rule") and other 
oddities which make the solar cycle and pole flipping not symmetrical and not 
predictable with great accuracy. If we can’t trust NASA maybe an alien will let 
us know 😊

Therefore in conclusion - even if a CME event alone would seem not capable to 
do the job for triggering earth’s field reversal, there are other things going 
on which make this unpredictable and a solar flip is not out of the question, 
no matter how improbably it may sound.. 

Of course, it would be unwise to make a bet on the timing of anything which 
hasn’t happened for 780,000 years !

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