More tracks using a laser microscope.

It may be that the impact marks are produced by subatomic particles
generated by LENR reactions occurring in the first level of plastic
(plastic jar) that is holding the LENR fuel. Such particles might include
the kind of particles that Holmlid sees in his experiments. These include
neutral atomic fragments, kaons, pions, muons, and other mesons. These
particles if any are not neutrons because they would have shown up in the
neutron detectors.

The impact marks show signs of plastic deformation as the plastic responds
to a meteor like impact from a particle: a sort of impact crater if you

I can't tell if the central part of the crater is penetrated clean through
or if the particle bounce.

It is good that LENR strange radiation shows up in plastic soda bottle
material. No expensive CR39 to develop...very convenient. All you need is a
laser microscope.

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