It seems Vortex-l has a new voice in Vibrator!.  It fits nicely with the 
current subject line regarding spin and angular momentum, although, with a 
negative energy twist.  It reminds me of Weaver coming onto the LENR Forum to  
take on the E-Cat World  view a couple years back.

Be that what it is, my question is what do you call an EPO with spin 1 and 0 

Is it a Bose particle or something else?  However, if it exists, it may be a 
nice conductor of angular momentum.  At small distances (f- meters and smaller) 
maybe angular momentum acts like charge with a plus and minus sign and can be 
divided among particles of a coherent system.  Once the necessary resonant 
condition happens to the coherent system. the EPO divides into 2 Fermi 
particles—a positron and a electron which react with each other or the entire 
system to create a new coherent system with lower potential energy.  Some 
potential energy may transform to increased orbital momentum energy states or 
may leave the system as EM energy and angular momentum of .511 Mev photons.

The resonant conditions I suggest are created within the coherent system by the 
change in potential energy of the system caused by the intrusion of force 
fields—electric, magnetic or gravitational—in the coherent system.  From the 
LENR testing it would appear that any one of  these force fields may catalyze 
the LENR phenomena.

This model may fit well with  P. Hatt’s theory regarding creation of mass from 
electrons and positrons.   He is able to predict magnetic moments and mass of 
muons, protons and neutrons quite accurately with respect to  current 
experimental data.

(As an aside I doubt the B magnetic fields have a curl of 0 at the Plank scale. 
 Thus,  Maxwell’s equations are only an approximation of what happens in 
macroscopic systems.  The continuous math provided by the calculus  really does 
not apply at small distances IMHO.  I suspect that relativity theory has the 
same problem.)

Bob Cook

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  *   I'm familiar with the producers of the above videos.  In every instance 
of these angular accelerations, they are being produced by the linear 
accelerations of Mr Hand, either waving a stator ring or poking a magnet at a 
field etc..

Perhaps not. There is both a logical explanation for spontaneous rotation (in 
Nature, no less) - and several vids with no Mr. Hand…

“The origin of this anisotropy is purely electronic—the so-called electronic 
nematicity. Unusually, the nematic director is not aligned with the crystal 
axes, unless a substantial orthorhombic distortion is imposed. The fact that 
this anisotropy occurs in a material that exhibits high-temperature 
superconductivity may not be a coincidence.”

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