It suddenly struck me one day that the reputed Aspden effect might be a sign of 
free energy – in that it might hint that torque could be added and subtracted 
from a rotating mass so as to result in a net gain.

If this is true, then we would expect to see various devices pop up, from time 
to time, that claim overunity involving an intermittent or off balance use of 
rotational inertia……….and what do we see?

Things such as Bedini, Schauberger (liquid and air), Rotoverters,  flywheels 
with deliberately slipping belts, Linevich, claims by Kanarev and a large 
proportion of the ‘tin foil hat’ devices reported on Rex Research.

The Wallace inventions (‘kinemassic effect’) claimed a direct link with half 
integer spin materials.   Could something have been overlooked here?  Sorry if 
I’m a little off topic ( but maybe not as much as you might think)

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  *   OK, here’s my current puzzlement: is it possible that physics has ignored 
a free energy effect within rotational inertia?
It is possible that a gainful effect has been overlooked, and that is why it is 
fun to figure out which of these vids are faked. Rotational anomalies are 
probably the closest to showing a valid anomaly but most of the videos are 
fakes. Hopefully the one in thousand will show up soon. There are spatial 
avenues for augmenting inertia – such as the DCE (dynamical Casimir effect).

However, since no one has been able to demonstrate a device that shows true 
gain … unequivocally, and which has been fully replicated, the Laws of 
Thermodynamics are still on the books (but they are not true Laws and will 
fizzle away IF adequate scientific proof arrives, even if the gain is slight).

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