Now don’t be snide.

IMHO  Rossi depends upon vapor to cool his nano Ni reactors so they don’t melt. 
 Its  Li vapor to be exact.  Its one of the best convection heat transfer 
agents available.




Add to your list any device producing an  unexplained source of heat with no 
high energy radiation greater than .511 Mev.   Angular momentum does not like 
to be divided up in arbitrary  amounts—only units of h/2pie.   That restricts 
transfer to resonant conditions within a coherent system, such as a nano 
particle  of Ni-H.

In the unlikely event that 2 or more coherent systems are coupled by a magnetic 
field or other coupling field, (IMHO an extended  coherent system) resonant 
conditions may allow a nucleus to give up potential energy and/or spin kinetic 
energy to orbital phonic energy  of the coupled system and/or result in a net 
change in the system’s mechanically available angular momentum.  This reaction 
may fit the definition of LENR.

Bob Cook

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Subject: RE: [Vo]:Magnetic Spin Vortex

From: Chris Zell<>

  *   ….and what do we see? Things such as Bedini, Schauberger (liquid and 
air), Rotoverters,  flywheels with deliberately slipping belts, Linevich, 
claims by Kanarev and a large proportion of the ‘tin foil hat’ devices reported 
on Rex Research.  The Wallace inventions (‘kinemassic effect’) claimed a direct 
link with half integer spin materials.   Could something have been overlooked 

These devices will always be “tin hat” unless or until… against all odds, they 
become the “next big thing.” They never seem to die a natural death.

BTW - you did not mention my favorite for the tin hat category – the Miller 
Colson device.

The rumor mill has this one already in full mass production…

… meaning of course that they are probably sharing the same robotic assembly 
line which is cranking out Rossi’s vaporware.

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