Various researchers in Italy involved with LENR have been working on a 
modification to Maxwell’s theory of EM.  It is discussed at the following link;

“Maxwell’s Equations and Occam’s Razor”

“The Electron and Occam’s Razor”

The main point made by these authors is that instead of considering the 
electron to be a particle, which is the commonly held concept accepted by 
classical physics, they propose a model of “a current ring generated by a 
massless charge that rotates at speed of light along a circumference whose 
length is equal to the Compton wavelength of the electron”

Discussion of the new theory can be found here:

A concept of a spinor matrix is discussed in the papers.  A model describing 
the ASSUMED rotating massless charge is missing.  It does include interesting 
conclusions about short time intervals (10-21 seconds) associated with the 
diameter of the rotating charge.  The authors seem to favor the ultra dense 
hydrogen concept and disfavor protons switching to neutrons by reacting with an 
electron during LENR.  The model for a positive massless charge was not 
apparent to me.

Bob Cook

Bob Cook

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Subject: [Vo]:A new effect in electromagnetism discovered – 150 years from 

What can be done with the discovery - Is it demonizable?

Maxwell equations have been known for 150 years. Yet IBM recently discovered a 
hidden field gradient. It is a previously unknown confinement effect named the 
"camelback effect" between a system of transverse dipoles. When the length of 
the dipole exceeds certain critical length, a surprising effect occurs: the 
field gets stronger near the edges and produces a field confinement profile 
that looks like a camel's back.
Magnetic bearings are possible and possibly much more.

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