Here is a note for people who still write their own software. If there are

I use homemade software to keep track of the files at, and to
convert the EndNote files into the on-line php SQL database format. I was
running out of filenames for Jean-Paul's JCMNS journal. I went to make a
small change to the program to fix that problem and I discovered the
compiler no longer works with the latest version of Windows 10. Yikes. The
last time I checked, the vendor for the compiler charged thousands of
dollars for an update.

It turns out they now have versions of the compilers for free! These are
immensely powerful by my standards, with features galore. See:

They have two versions: Pascal (which they call "Delphi"), and C++ (which I
call "unstructured").

The latest compiler is such fun I wrote a program to solve Sudoku puzzles.
I do not have the patience to solve them by hand. It is fun to watch the
computer solve them. I thought I could do it by iterating three procedures
but it turns out it takes four.

- Jed

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