Going back to the general principle of stimulating the element iron with waves 
of another type and/or frequency, in order to cause actual isotope 
transmutation - there is another entry: the Meyer-Mace device which received a 
flurry of attention 20 years ago, was patented and then all but disappeared..


In this device an iron rod was said to produce x-rays of ~20 keV from NRM 
stimulation. In contrast, the Hagelstein paper talks about x-rays of 14.4 keV 
being derived from ultrasonic stimulation.

In addition, John Wallace who is an expert in ferrous materials has performed a 
similar experiment using iron which is apparently gainful. [no citation 
available at the moment but I have read the paper]

Bottom line, given the credentials of Wallace and Hagelstein - this cannot 
easily be categorized as fringe physics, even though the thought of bringing 
about nuclear changes with low energy input makes it seem suspect in the eyes 
of the mainstream.

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