Howard found it on eBay for $1,100.  It looks nice.  The body looks about 5 
years old and it is in nice shape.  The interior looks brand new.  It has 
lithium ion batteries all along the bottom of the car.  New, the car went about 
100 mi.  I am not sure what shape the batteries are in now.  The dash charge 
meter says 30%.  Turning on the key lights up the dash and an on screen display 
comes on.  Putting it into drive, press the accelerator, and nothing happens.  
An engine check monitor says communications problem.  A READY light blinks on 
the dash and then goes out.  We have no service manual.   

The motor is a single 3 phase that drives the front wheels.  The controller and 
motor are surrounded with a water cooled jacket.   The waist heat is used for 
cabin heating.  It was to be sold in California.  I am not sure if there will 
be enough heat for wintertime pa.

With everything in a water jacket and many computers, I am not sure if this car 
will every be working again.  CODA is bankrupt and the closest deanship was in 
California.  I told Howard to disconnect the 12 and 300 volt batteries and let 
it set for a day.  Sometimes electronics reboots with that approach.  Other 
than that I have no recommendations.

I will post some pictures of the car and engine later.


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