One of the systems mentioned in Hagelstein's 2015 paper ( is the Vysotskii system where what appears to be a coherent collapse of cavitaion bubbles causes a shock wave to travel through a metal plate and generate a very sharp pulse of 1-5keV X-rays from the metal surface on the other side. I have just come back from a conference where Vysotskii presented this.

I felt that it was very clever and appeared to show some very interesting coherent energy conversion phenomena, but there did not appear to be any evidence of LENR


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Hi Robin

The neutron “hopping” modality is indeed one way that gain could happen.

In fact you are probably referring to Hagelstein’s 1993 paper where he introduces this concept wrt palladium.

I do not think he was envisioning iron as the active metal at that time.

Perhaps he will be reminded of this possibility.

I like it but it also demands that the 2.4 MeV gamma is attenuated via the down-conversion aspect – so there are two miracles involved.

… or do you get both miracles for the price of one when you have up and down conversion together <g> ???

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