The evidence is now strong that one road to transmutation is through Kaon
production via the Ultra dense hydrogen LENR path. Kaons are strange matter
and strange matter sets up a transmutation chain reaction as currently seen
in the experiments by me356. These transmutation experiments are replicated
by the results seen in the MFMP evaluation of LENR reactor fuel from India
where the same sort of fractal transmutation tracks are being produced.

Holmlid has shown that Ultra dense hydrogen produces kaons. Standard model
theory expects a transmutation chain reaction will occur when strange
matter interacts with matter.

me356 states that his reaction can produce transmutation chain reactions
that occurs continuously for 2 months.

see post

IMHO, me356 has produced metastable UDH that acts as continual source of
kaon production. These kaons begin a strange matter chain reaction that
produces increasingly heavy elements over time through a matter absorption
process (see below).

The strange matter eventually decays and the heavy elements remain as a
stable transmutation product. It does not look like this chain reaction is
dangerous since the earth has not yet been converted into a black hole.

[image: strange2.jpg]

"A strangelet is a hypothetical particle
<> consisting of a bound
state <> of roughly equal numbers
of up <>, down
<>, and strange
<> quarks
<>. An equivalent description is that a
strangelet is a small fragment of strange matter
<>, small enough to be
considered a particle. The size of an object composed of strange matter
could, theoretically, range from a few femtometers
<> across (with the mass of a
light nucleus) to arbitrarily large. Once the size becomes macroscopic (on
the order of metres across), such an object is usually called a strange star
<>. The term "strangelet"
originates with Edward Farhi and R. L. Jaffe
have been suggested as a dark matter
<> candidate.[2]

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