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> LENR reporting has had similar features. Reporting excess power in
> watts/cm3 disguised the fact that very small volumes were reported so the
> real excess power almost never exceeded a watt!
1. They are not "disguised." Most papers report absolute power and anyone
can compute it.

2. Many of tests exceeded the 1 W level. Fleischmann and Pons did hundreds
at power levels of 50 to 100 W.

3. The fact that most tests were at low power is common knowledge,
described by many authors, notably Storms. See the graphs and spreadsheet

Look where the text says: "These 124 tests were performed with
electrolysis. Another version of this dataset, with 157 tests including 33
with techniques other than electrolysis, was presented in a histogram
format in *The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction* . . ."

- Jed

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