And lets not forget Philippe Hatt’s  model of the makeup of the proton, neutron 
and muons (consistent with Stubb’s  data and theory.)

About Hatt reported the following:

“I was recently in Sochi ,Russia to present my views to colleagues and was 
asked to write articles to be published on that Unification topic..I am about 
to write the first one .
May be ,I could send a copy to the Vortex list as these articles will anyway be 
written in English ?
Please ,do not hesitate to send me your ideas ,advice on that proposal.”

Thus,  all physicists are not ignoring these models.  Hatt just finished a 
revised model for the Russians (Yury Bazhutov, etal.,) after the  presentation 
he made to the group in Russia.

He recently reported this follow up:

“1. Actually Newton's laws suppose that there is an instantaneous transmission ,
So ,the third law about action/reaction says that both are equivalent and 
Nevertheless ,we know that there is no instantaneous transmission since time 
intervenes .This is invaliding Newton's laws in the way that action occurs 
prior to reaction ,giving an advantage to action and breaking the symmetry 
between action and reaction.

2. According to my theory (see:  the creation of mass occurs 
prior to its annihilation ,breaking symmetry between these two phenomena and 
giving rise to our material universe .Actually there is much more mass and 
antimass(resulting from the annihilation of mass ) than the mass observed in 
the universe ."Normally ",we perceive only the mass resulting from the action 
of creation of mass and the reaction of annihilation of that same mass (mass - 

3. Electromagnetism is ,according to my theory, the combination of mass and 
Mass + antimass= negative electromagnetism ,antimass + mass = positive 
electromagnetism.The neutron has a negative dipolar magnetic moment,the proton 
has a positive one.Moreover the alpha particle's magnetic moment is null.The 
matter (which is the result of mass and antimass ,as well as of 
electromagnetism ) is influenced by electromagnetism which is nothing else than 
mass and antimass.

4. At which level is this influence exerted? At the quantum level where mass and
antimass should be perceivable .So, matter and electromagnetism are two 
expressions  of the same quantum phenomenon,hence the possibility of 
interaction between them  ,even at some distance .

Happy to discuss. I am presently preparing a number of papers for Russian 
editing .The first one concerns mass and antimass .The second will deal with 
electromagnetism , the third with neutron/proton differences ,the fourth being 
about electron and antineutrino and the fifth studying binding energy and LENR.”

Bob Cook

From: JonesBeene <>
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Subject: [Vo]:No, Melting Quarks Will Never Work

“No, Melting Quarks Will Never Work As An Energy Source”

This is from Forbes – not Fusion Technology, but it is hard to argue with it.

However, there are other similar descriptions which semantically fall into 
place as a kind of “melting” of quarks at much lower energy, which would be 
outside this argument. To wit, the Holmlid effect. Here is an earlier thread on 
Stubbs and Holmlid.

The Holmlid effect of muon production from hydrogen annihilation, under William 
Stubbs’ theory is basically this (paraphrased to account for Holmlid):
All matter is composed of leptons. The proton mass is composed of nine leptons 
whose mass is each about 1⁄9  that of a proton - there are three groupings of 
three and these are quarks. The particles which give quarks mass are identified 
as the muon/antimuon and have unit negative and positive charge, respectively 
so that there is a net positive charge of 1 in the proton.

The combined mass of nine muons is 1,863 electron masses which is 27 electron  
masses greater -- but since the interaction is “binding” in the technical 
sense, a mass defect similar to that seen in all nuclear binding will reduce 
the net mass of bound muons, and they cannot annihilate easily in bound form. 
Laser irradiation however, can and does completely disrupt the quark identity 
when done properly.

The muon will be by far the longest lived component of laser irradiated protons 
(Holmlid’s version) but scatter for extended distances despite being charged 
which tends to hide the enormous amount of energy released.

In this view, quarks are leptonic combinations - muons at their core - which is 
a radical departure from present models.

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