There is a naivety in many automatic cars, that the old bike driver (vehicular
cycling schoo <>l
I am quickly lost.
This is the second time (previous was Google car facing an non
collaborating bus), an automatic car assume collaboration and empathy from
a professional driver.

A study from franche transportation labs (INRETS) studied acciodents and
found huge majority involve both vehicles, even the one assumed to be
innocent. usual case is one violating by abuse or mistake a rule, and the
other seeing and refusing the hijack causing the accident.

I suspect with automatic vehicle, the problem is too much theory.

2017-11-09 3:20 GMT+01:00 H LV <>:

> driving-shuttle-crash-accident-first-day
> While it was technically the fault of the truck driver and not the fault
> of the self-driving shuttle, if the self driving shuttle had been
> programmed to allow it to back up the collision could have been prevented.
> Harry

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